Billow Candle

Billow Candle

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  • Hand wedged cross of japanese white porcelain and black stoneware to create one of a kind “wood grain” coloration. hand thrown on the wheel for individual, unique swirl patterns on each vessel.

  • Hand poured coconut wax.

  • After candle has been exhausted, vessel can be used as a vase or planter.

  • Each candle is unique. Patterns will vary.


    12 oz | 5.5” diameter, 3.5” tall


    24 oz | 5.5” diameter, 5” tall

Translucent Raku fired

  • Beautiful patterns created by organic materials singed onto hot vessel

  • Hand poured Coconut wax

  • Each candle is unique-patterns will vary

  • Handmade in Los Angeles


  • To extend the life of your candle please ensure that the first time you burn the candle, the entire surface area becomes liquid. Please also maintain the wick to 1/4cm at all times after first burn ( you can purchase a wick trimmer under

  • Common sense precaution: never leave a burning candle unattended

  • Repurpose candle vessel- please microwave for 15 seconds and wipe clean to remove all wax. Vessel is watertight.

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