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We are looking for part time production pottery for our studio in Culver City. Applicants must have an extensive understanding of clay and its associated techniques and properties, as well as an advanced skill level working with clay. Applicants will be asked to replicate stoneware and porcelain designs for our in-house and/or specialty lines. You’ll be primarily throwing, but support such as kiln loading, glazing, trimming etc may be required. Production potters can expect to use a variety of clay bodies and throw a variety of forms from day-to-day. Rates negotiable/DOE.

Job posting can be found here

Candle Line

We are looking for someone to manage the creation (wax-pouring and scent-development) and sales of high-quality naturalcandles in handmade pottery vessels. You’ll be overseeing the whole candle program at MATCH stoneware: starting with the candle creation (filling our handmade vessels with wax, wicks, and scent) as well as candle sales (helping run our showroom where we sell our ceramics, finding retailers to sell our candles to on a larger scale, and maintaining relationships with/managing those accounts)

Job Posting can be found here