Los Angeles magazine "The 10 Best New Restaurants of 2017"

HOUSED IN A DRAMATIC glass-and- steel building designed by starchitect Eric Owen Moss, Jordan Kahn’s avant-garde tasting menu project elicited broad reactions from critics, and for good reason: Meals cost a small fortune ($250 per person), last up to four hours, and involve dishes that don’t always look like food (at least as we know it). The ambition can sometimes feel distracting, but the concept is revelatory in how it engages your senses and blurs the line between dinner and art. Kahn is treading through unexplored territory, and he knows how to raise eyebrows. A sprig of the root vegetable salsify is roasted until unrecognizable and coated in black garlic, a combination that evokes the scent of a dense forest. Served in a black earthenware sphere, velvety rice porridge harmonizes salty trout roe and sweet yuzu jam. Buttery poached crab, tiled with a fragrant layer of fresh allspice leaves, conceals an egg yolk that erupts near the final bite. Vespertine isn’t for everyone, but as an experience it has no equal. (3599 Hayden Ave. Culver City)

Chef Jordan Kahn at Vespertine  PHOTOGRAPH BY DYLAN + JENI

Chef Jordan Kahn at Vespertine


Ceramic vessels by Match Stoneware.

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