Match Stoneware is inspired by the ocean, forests, and earth that surround California. From the Martian landscapes of Joshua Tree, to the moss covered Muir woods and giant sequoias. Each piece is handmade, ensuring individual qualities in each vessel.

Here at Match we are committed to handcrafted work that tells a story. Each of our pieces are made through various ancient processes of ceramic making. Starting with clay pulled from the earth, each piece is hand thrown on the wheel-never using molds or dyes. While we honor the long history of this humble craft, we also strive to push forward a new vision for the art form by challenging the process, using different clay bodies in new ways, combining old traditions with modern techniques, and collaborating with experts in other fields to provide innovative and functional designs.

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striking a match in the neighborhood

Match showroom

The MATCH Showroom is its very own piece of art located in the diverse district of Hayden Tract in Culver City, CA. With our walk/don’t walk signals, you’ll be reminded to stop and enjoy the moment while walking/shopping through our showroom. The charred panelled walls were done using a centuries-old Japanese technique called shou sugi ban in order to incorporate the elements of fire, water, and earth into the atmosphere. In an attempt to also bring pieces of history to the developing neighborhood that are still representative of our art, there are fire extinguishers from the early 1900’s, and umbrellas nestled in a Japanese cart wheel from the 1700’s.




Get an inside peek at the holistic process behind creating unique handmade ceramics, starting at the very beginning of production and concluding where the completed products end up in our Showroom. The Match Production Studio is an environment we have created to facilitate creativity in an engaging space. When developing this space our biggest inspiration was Dahl’s Willy Wonka. This inspired us to open our own creative playground. The studio emulates the idea of the Chocolate Factory, going beyond the physical creation process for ceramics to also include an activities room for games. Match Stoneware’s Production Studio is our unique creative utopia where we pride ourselves on our transparency, offering consumers an insight to all that goes into making the handcrafted product.


Hayden Tract/ Culver City

The neighborhood, just east of Santa Monica, is only a little over five square miles, but its architecture is extremely varied and gives Culver City a lot to be explored. With spaces ranging from Renaissance Revival–style historic buildings (like the Culver Hotel) to architect Eric Owens Moss’s body of experimental office spaces that dominate the industrial Hayden Tract, it is a stunning display of the creative mind. Culver City is also home to The Culver Studios that was originally created by silent movie pioneer Thomas H. Ince. Many classics from Hollywood's Golden Age were filmed there, including Gone with the Wind. And unlike other parts of L.A., alternative transportation is a viable option—a bike path that runs along the Ballona Creek will take you from Culver City to the beach, and the L.A. metro will get you downtown in 40 minutes. Below are all the reasons you’ll want to visit Culver City.